These beautiful mandarin earrings are made from carefully selected ripe mandarins.  They are slow-dried to preserve their nautral beauty.  To make them last, they are given 4 coats of a vegan-friendly acrylic and varnish.  These pieces are totally unique and unlike any other piece of jewelry you will ever own.  They are paired by size and shade; choose orange or maroon (see picture).   Each piece is smudged in sage or Palo Santo to renew their energy so you can always be connected to earth while you wear her fruit.

Mandarin Earrings

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  • If a piece arrives broken, it will be replaced.  Refunds are always accepted with 30 days.  Jewel of the Seed items are made with great care, but these are very delicate, so please handle with care.

  • I am a small shop, and I will ship once a week throughout the US; so please allow up to 10 days for delivery.  Contact me via for any rush or special requests.